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Saltzman Associates, LLC (“SA”) is a non-FINRA member (non-member) company that provides consulting and other services to banks, broker dealers, insurance companies, and other participants in the financial service industry (“Distributor Firms”).


In the course of its business, SA sponsors Roundtable Meetings (“Meetings”) designed to bring together representatives of Distributor Firms (“Participants”) for the purpose of discussing industry developments, product trends, best practices, and other issues related to the services provided by the Distributing Firms. The objective of the Meeting is to train, educate and inform Participants on industry issues in an effort to improve their overall ability to conduct business effectively. SA recognizes that Distributor Firms may be (or, may be affiliated with) companies that issue and/or offer securities and therefore may be FINRA member firms (or affiliated firms) and that Participants may be Associated Persons.


SA does not offer securities nor is it affiliated with any company that is engaged in the sale and distribution of securities. However, SA is the principal sponsor and promoter of the Meetings and may receive revenue for its services related to the Meetings from member Distributor Firms that have agreed with SA to co-sponsor the Meeting (“Co-Sponsors”). Accordingly, SA structures the Meetings in the following ways in order to comply with

FINRA Rules:


  1. Participants are considered to be either Attendees or Sponsors. Attendees are individuals representing Distributor Firms that are not Co-Sponsors. Sponsors are individuals representing Co-Sponsors.
  2. Invitations to prospective Attendees are made by SA. Invitations are never tied to or conditioned on the achievement of a sales target or any other incentives pursuant to a non-cash compensation arrangement from either the Attendee’s member firm or any Co-Sponsor.
  3. No gifts or promotional items of value are provided to Attendees either directly or through contests or drawings. Items of nominal value (such as notepads or pens) may be provided to Attendees by SA or its Co-Sponsors.
  4. Meeting locations and facilities are selected by SA based upon a variety of business-related factors, including but not limited to their proximity to Attendees and Sponsor Attendees as well as logistical requirements of the facility to effectively conduct the Meeting.
  5. Meeting times generally run from 1 pm to 5 pm on the first day and from 9 am to 12 pm on the second day, intended to provide a total training related meeting time of approximately 7 hours. Very often, Participants can travel to the meeting on the morning of the first day and return on the afternoon of the second day, although an additional day of travel is sometimes required. An Agenda with specific meeting times is made available to all Participants.
  6. All expenses related to the Meeting are paid for by SA unless otherwise disclaimed in the invitation. Expenses for spouses or other guests of Participants are not covered.
  7. Attendees may be reimbursed by SA for costs related to travel required to attend the Meeting (e.g., airfare, ground transportation, meals) up to a specified maximum. No reimbursement or payment for personal expenses, incidentals or entertainment is permitted. Reimbursement of travel related expenses, if provided, is available to all Attendees.
  8. Records of meeting costs, individual Attendee travel reimbursements and meeting agendas are maintained by SA and are available upon request by a member Distributing Firm for that member's Associated Person or Persons.


Please contact us at info@saltzmanassociates.com if you require additional information.

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